Friday, 25 November 2016

How to make Corporate Relocation Convenient for Employees

An order for relocation is both exciting and stressful for the employees. Moving to the new city and working in a different franchise allows employees to enhance their skills regarding working in different environments. However, the stressful moving process involved in corporate relocation should also be taken into account. The employees are not going for a short trip but they would have to move a house entirely. Surely it’s something in which office management should take part in an active manner.

Things that you, as an employer, should do for relocating employees are as follows.

Give your employees proper knowhow about the new place
Things will not be good if your employees take too much time to adjust at the places they have been relocated to. To counter this issue, give your to-be-relocated employee a break prior to the day of moving. During that break, ask your employee gather as much information about the new place as possible. If possible, arrange a short trip for that employee to the new place. You can also ask him/her to come to office so that you would be able to provide him/her the information about new city, the neighborhood, new office’s environment etc.

Describe the relocation package clearly
You employees, nominated for relocation, would have the right to expect compensation for moving to the new place. So, make sure that those employees have been given complete and descriptive information about relocation package that your company has to offer. Give those fellows some time to go through the package information and encourage them to ask questions about any part of the document they fail to understand. One quick tip for you is that you should make the policy as lenient as possible.

Take care of employees’ essentials that come under your authority
Essentials like transferring the insurance and acquiring of utility services are the major tasks that a person pays special attention to before moving. If you want your employees to come to office for routine office duties, assign the task of taking care of these essentials to HR department. You can contact the company’s franchise in area where you are sending your employees and ask the management there to help in making such arrangements for the employees.

Arrange housing for the employees
Since corporate relocation is sometimes a surprise announcement, the biggest issue your employees can have is to find proper housing solution before they move. You can help them solving this issue by arranging temporary housing. This temporary housing can serve the purpose of giving your employees the opportunity to settle at the new place and find appropriate house for their needs.

Hire good moving company for your employees
Finding reputable moving company is one of the major issues in relocation process. You can make it easier for your employees by hiring a reputable moving company for them. Additionally, you can also ask the admin section of your company to take care of necessary supplies such shipping boxes, packing materials and other items that would help the employees to get everything wrapped up from the existing home.

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